Shorten Pants


so what I mostly get asked to do of friends and family is if I could shorten their pants or do other alterations to things that don’t fit anymore. So I thought this might be interesting to you too. It also is an easy start because you don’t need any patterns.

This is how you shorten pants when it is ok to see the seam, like with jeans. If you have to shorten pants that belong to a suit and do not have a visible seam, you need to do it a little different, I will do a tutorial to shorten pants like that as soon as I have the next ones to shorten so I can take pictures.



Too long pants

sewing thread

tailors chalk/pen, pins, tailor shears and a sewing machine


First you need to put the pants on, or the person who wants to get the pants shorter. And you (or the person) also have to put some shoes on  you are most likely to wear with those pants.
then you fold it up until it has the wished length and add a pin to make sure this fold stays like it when taking the pants of 😉 (and put the pin like in the drawing because this way its most unlikely you get hurt when taking the pants of again)
now you measure at both legs on different points how many cm you folded up, if the difference between both legs is not big you take the middle of all your measurements. If one leg is 2 or more cm longer then the other you should take for each leg the middle. (most people have different long legs, but normally its only 0.5 cm-1 cm)
remove the pins and draw a parallel line to the original hem with your middle of the measurements all around both legs (front and back), then you go from that 2 cm down to the original hem again= thats your hem-allowance (if you shorten the pens less then 2 cm you need to redo the original hem, be careful not to cut any fabric by it) and then you cut the rest of the pants under that hem-allowance of.
so now you fold the fabric 1cm inwards and then fold it again, this way your chalk-line should be right at the fold. You fold it twice because then you can’t see the cut edge anymore, so if it frays nobody can see it, and if you look in your jeans you see they do it like this too. 


Remember to secure your seams at beginning and end

(if your pants are made of denim best use a strong needle or a special denim needle) start at one side-seam of your pants and sew 0.8 cm to the fold a straight stitching line all around both legs of the pants


I hope this is going to help you with most future pants that need to be shorter. If you have any questions leave a comment or write me an email.

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All the best

your TailorFairy


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