So this is what I did, after noticing the other material is quite rough on skin. I made the top a little longer and did shorten the part, that get connected in the neck and used a string instead to hold the top in place. But mostly its the same pattern as the other glitter-top. I gonna start a pattern-library (update: see the whole pattern-process here) soon… I know it gets a little confusing with me changing old patterns and reusing them again.



90 cm jersey with glitter-print

50 cm jersey in a fitting color (or 1,20 m  of your wanted fabric)

about 40 or more cm string or ribbon in a fitting color

sewing thread, pins, scissors, tailor shears and a sewing machine

The Pattern

I added 10 more cm to the hem and made the width 1/4 of the hip girth.

then I put the double part at the front part, so I have one seam less and the neck-hole looks more even

but I also did it a little shorter and took about 8 cm at front and double off, so in total about 16 cm, did this mostly because my glitter-fabric was a rest when I bought it and it was to short for the pattern, so if you bought enough, you don’t need to shorten it, this way the fabric ends at the side of your neck and the rest is with strings.

I didn’t add any seam allowance, because both fabrics are elastic and I wanted the top to be tighter, if you want it more loose add seam allowance to the pattern.


fold the fabric parallel to the selvage (grain line)  then put the front template right at the fold, pin it and cut it

if you use like me another material fold it parallel to the selvage, pin the back template at the fold and cut it, if you use the same fabric you do the same with the rest of your fabric… be always sure work parallel to the grain/thread line/selvage !

jersey can stretch when being sewn and not go back to its original size, so I took some of my material and did some test sewing, my fabric did not stretch much, if your fabric stretches badly do add bias binding to all seam like I did at the other glitter-top.

now pin your back-part on your top-part face-to-face

fold the end of the back-part about 1cm (or which seam allowance you picked)


remember to secure your seam at beginning and end 

sew the side-seams over the folded back-part with zigzag to keep the elasticity

now fold the double over the back-part and pin the rest of the side-seams

cut your string or ribbon into 2 equal parts and put them in the fold you just did and get one end to be right in the seam on each side and pin them there

sew the side-seams with zigzag and be sure your strings get sewn as well

turn the garment on the right side, looks like a top already doesn’t it?

but first you sew the side-seams again from the right side with zigzag, start at the corner where your string is and sew down to the hem, be sure your seam-allowances are all folded in the same direction and get sewn by this line

so next you go back to the folded part at the back, sew it with zigzag from fold to fold and keep the material folded at the same size in between

up next and last is the hem fold the fabric about 1 cm inward and sew it with zigzag


so this is my finished top, I hope it inspires you to try sew something like it for yourself or friends/family too.

If there are any question left or you have any other question related to sewing leave a comment or write me.

Wishing you all a great weekend.

All the best




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