Thats a pretty long word. ūüėČ

Well so this is how I started with the pattern for the neck-holder and how it changed.

so you start in the middle of some paper at the edge and draw a line in a right angle to the edge with 1/4 of your¬†waist girth¬†as length.From that go 12 cm down in a right angle, next right angle and add some cm for the hips… if your difference between waist and hips isn’t big 1 or 2 cm will be enough. My hips are wide compared to my waist, so for me I used 5 cm. Now you go on the edge of the paper from the waistline your waist-to-chest measurement up and up there in a right angle 1/4 of your¬†chest girth. Connect those three dots with one curved line.

Next you draw a parallel line 2 cm over the chest line. Now you take a measurement-tape and measure from the middle of your one chest around your neck to the middle of the other chest. Divide this into two and draw a line with that length in a wide angle from the edge of the parallel line. At the end of that line a right angle again and 3-5 cm. From that point draw a line back to the edge again, about 10 cm over the parallel line.

Cut it. Draw a right angle on the other side of the short line and reconnect it in a curve back to the line and cut that small part. That is the pattern I made the templates of for the polka-dot-top.

For the first glitter-top I took this pattern I changed it like this:


(1)Your pattern so far.

(2) Cut it right on that parallel line 2 cm over the chest-line

(3) Now measure around your neck and as deep as you want your later neck-hole should be.

(4)Take a new paper and measure the half of that neck-hole from the edge, draw an parallel line to the edge at that measurement.


(5) Now put the inner corner of the upper part on that line you drew and put the other part right at the edge of that new paper and move them so the side-seam is connected.

(6)+(7) add your seam allowance, I used 2 cm because I wasn’t sure how fast those paillettes would fall of the fabric after cutting

(8) cut it


(9)+(10) I did the neckband a little longer, so I can make a knot in my neck with the fabric.

So now you have the pattern I made the templates of for the glittering top. If you wanna go to the other variation of the glitter-top you need to redo step (9)+(10) first and then just go with the recipe.

I hope this is helpful for you! Have fun with your patterns and ask me anything you don’t understand yet!

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All the best

Your TailorFairy

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