So here starts my promised pattern library. Up first the skirt-pattern I used for the long winter skirt and the short summer skirt.

You start with paper shears, set square, paper, glue and pen to make your pattern.

First you mark the edge of the paper as your later fabric crease/fold line

then you go in a right angle and 1/4 of the length of your hip girth

now the next right angle and a line as long as your wished skirt length (from hip to end of skirt) mine is 0.6 m and then a last right angle to get back to your fold line

then divide your pattern in 4 equally wide parts

and cut those lines

glue the first part on and mark an angle of 20° (if you want it less or more wide, take a bigger or smaller angle), glue the next part on and mark the next 20° angle and so on

then connect the part with lines and also draw your seam allowance all around (except at the fold line)

cut it and you have your finished pattern for a skirt.(See me making this pattern until this point in this video) Or any other skirt depending on the length you picked. If you made it for a long skirt, you can shorten it or if you made it short you can make it longer, by drawing the outlines on a new paper and marking where those paper stripes are. Then you take those lines and shorten them or make them longer, just the way you like it and then connect them in a nice round line. (You can see me shorten a skirt pattern in that video)


 I hope this is helpful for you! Ask me what you don’t understand yet by comment or mail.

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All the best

Your TailorFairy

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