new cute baby-pants


I made another baby-pants, cute huh? Well its actually based on the pattern of the other baby-pants,I just changed it up a bit, made it a a little more hippie. 😉 I aint sure yet which buttons fit best, so please let me know what you think in the survey. 😉 



0.4m denim
0.2m print (both cotton)
2 buttons
29 cm of 2cm wide elastic
sewing thread
sewing machine, pins, paper, pen, paper shears and tailor shears (and a serger, or a good overedging stitch in your sewing machine)


take the pattern for the baby-pants and mark the knee-line

and draw the pant-parts on another paper until the knee line, dont forget to draw the grain-line on your new parts and add seam allowance to the knee-line

the rest of the original pant-legs need to drawn onto paper as well, add seam allowance to the knee line and cut in the middle(sorry for the blurry pic)

draw the front parts with 3cm in between at the hem on another paper

and 1 cm at the hem to each side

do the same with the back… if you want to you can of course add more cm if you like it better

draw the flap on another paper as well

and do an angle

your parts for this pants… the strap is the same as the other pants


place the pant-parts and the strap with the right grain line on the denim

and the others on the cotton-print

remember to cut the flap in fold and twice

your cut parts


remember to secure your seams!

pin the side-seams at all leg-parts and the 2 flap parts to each other, fold the straps in the middle and pin them and one short end, all with wrong side out

and sew them

use your serger or overedging stitch at the seam allowances of the side-seams, turn one leg right side out and put it into the other and pin the crotch-seam

sew it and do some overedging

turn the right side out and pin the down-parts of the legs to it, right side on right side

sew it and do overedging

thats what it looks like now

turn the straps around (cut the corner off, where you did sew the short end before)

and sew them

pin your waistband (finished: 2.5 cm wide) and pin the straps in with it

sew it, fold the straps up and sew them over again, try to be in the same stitches as with your first seam

now pin a safety-pin at one end of the elastic and pull it through the waistband,

careful not to pull it fully through, pin the ends

and do some stitches to keep the elastic in place

pin the flap to the front

and sew it, leave 1cm unsewn and beginning and end

fold it over and pin the back-part of the flap in place, so all looks clean from inside as well

and sew it

mark half of your hem-allowance at the hem

fold it over twice and pin it, I also pinned the seam allowance of the knee-seam down, then sew both

thats what mine looks like now

which buttons do you think fit better? or if you think I should use another color of buttons, I would love to hear that too

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy


I love to read your comments

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