my new fabrics


as promised here the fabrics I bought when I visited my grandma:

yellow lining for my jacket (this was the reason I went to the fabric store, but as always since I already was there I found other stuff I fell in love with)

I found those really nice cotton-print-fabric. When I made those baby-pants, I loved making baby-stuff so much I think about doing some more and sell them on dawanda or etsy.

then my sis wished for some tank-tops and bought herself some knit fabric in her favorite color: black :p

then I got lots of clothes of my grandpa who died a few years ago which I plan to upcycle or use as fabric, I dont have all of it here yet, because I travelled by train and it would have been to much to carry. I also have some old clothes of my grandma and ma, so look forward to new upcycles and refashion 😉

so thats my new fabrics for now, new projects are coming soon, and tuesday the next part of the jacket 

keep  sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy

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