Jacket Part2: Cutting


so here is part2 for the jacket:

part 1 here

I am doing my jacket in 2 different fabrics: fake-leather for bodice and sleeves, and check for the facing and collar and the cuffs, and the yellow lining

I folded the fake-leather selvage on selvage and pinned all parts I wanted to cut out of it in the right thread line

and cut them

remember you need to cut the waistband twice

with the check cutting is a little more difficult. So I cut each part itself, and not doubles as when folded

after cutting place the part on the fabric again and make sure the lines are the same

pin it and cut the second facing-part

for the collar I folded the fabric in a 45° angle and pin the part right to the fold

cut it twice

remember to cut a few mm into the seam allowance at the markings of the pattern

with the cuff you dont need that much care, just cut it with the check

place the lining-back-part, the lining front-part, the sleeve-parts and the front-side-part on your lining. I only needed 1 m, not as guessed 1.5.

doesnt look like a jacket yet… 😉

I forgot to buy some fusible interlining, so this will be left for the next part. What fabric and colors did you decide for?

part3 will be online latest next tuesday. 😉

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy

I love to read your comments

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