easy and fast no-pattern tank-tops


so my sis wished for tanktops. So I made her some. I used cuff-fabric that comes knitted in a ring, so it does not need side-seams, especially since it comes in the right size for S/M women that does not like to wear very tight cloth. I did not use an pattern for this one, just an other tank-top I had and then changed it up according to her wishes. It is really easy and quick to do, and the knit fabric for cuffs is thicker and not so unforgiving as light jersey to sew. I only used zigzag-stitching of my normal household sewing machine and it worked just fine, so dont be scared of elastic fabric. 😉

What you need:

cuff fabric in the wished length of your tank-top

sewing thread

pins, sewing machine, tailor shears

fold your cuff-fabric in the middle(so its 4 layers) and put a tanktop folded in the middle on the fold, I used the back, for my first lines so I was sure it was enough fabric, since my sis wished for tank-tops that would cover all of her breast and since shes having a cup-size of D I wanted to make sure there was enough fabric

pin around the tanktop… 1 or 2 cm parallel to it. Then cut it, pin the shoulder seams and try it own. use some chalk or pins to mark the lines you would like on your tanktop, then cut 1cm parallel to thos line

if you wanna do 2 tops like me fold the tested top side on side, so there is a fold in the centre front and back, pin it to the cuff fabric and cut your 2nd tanktop, my sis wanted this really long

pin the shoulder seams and sew them with straight stitching, because this seam does not need to be elastic, and so it wont stretch out. then fold the seam allowance at neck-holes, hem and arm-holes inside and pin them

sew it over with zigzag, I used a neon pink because my sis said I should (well I think it was a joke, but as always: be careful what you wish for!)


Thats the shorter one. The long one looked terrible on the puppet. 😉

Hope you like it and helps you not to be scared of elastic ;)!!!

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy


  1. This is really clever. Unfortunately, I am a bit big for cuff fabric otherwise I would have given it a try.

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