how to sew… a woven cowl/snood/infinity scarf *quick/easy*


as promised last week here the tutorial for a woven infinity scarf. This one requires 4 seams so its quick to do and suitable for beginners, all you need to be able to is sewing pretty straight lines with the sewing machine. If you are not sure about that, take some scrap of fabric and exercise. You will notice later, mine are a little wavy as well, so do not worry about that to much 😉

You can also check my tutorial about a jersey infinity scarf.

What you will need:

DSCF7612 my fabric folded in half selvedges placed on each other

DSCF7613then I cut the selvedges off

DSCF7614and pinned the cut edges together, right side of the fabric outside

DSCF7615and sewed a few mm from the edge and parallel to it

DSCF7616always securing my seam with a few stitches forward and backward  at beginning and end

DSCF7617then I ironed those mm apart

DSCF7618because its easier that way to fold it right at that seam. Wrong side out this time.

DSCF7619and then I sewed it again parallel to the original seam a few mm wider then before

DSCF7620when I turned it right side out again I had a clean seam

DSCF7621and a clean seam on the inside. now I folded the open edge 0.5cm up into the wrong side

DSCF7622and folded that over again

DSCF7623and pinned it in place

DSCF7624from the right side

DSCF7625and pinned all around

DSCF7626same to the other side, of course you can finish one side first and then do the other.

DSCF7627and sewed about 0.3cm parallel to the fold, so it goes through all 3 layers

DSCF7628sewing both sides this way

DSCF7629and it is finished

DSCF7630looks like this

DSCF7631Do you have any questions about this project? Do not hesitate to ask!

Any ideas and wishes for next weeks *quick/easy*/suitable for beginners project are most welcome!

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy 

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