how to sew… a jersey snood/infinity scarf *quick/easy*


I am really not sure what this kind of scarfs are called in english, in german they actually have the english name: loop. Image search turned up that snood and infinity scarf are words used for scarfs that are sewn into a circle, so I hope you are all understanding what I am talking about.

Beside the name this project is really easy, it only requires one seam to be sewn and nobody will notice if it gets a little wonky. Jersey is really a great fabric, because it does not fray or starts runs, so you can leave all edges open.

Here is what you will need:

0.5m/0.5yard jersey (both sides need to look good, because you will see both sides when wearing it)

fitting sewing thread


sewing machine, that can do zigzag stitching, pretty much any domestic sewing machine can do that

DSCF7586first I cut my fabric into a 0.5m wide strip, if you bought it in the right side already you can skip this step. Do not worry if your cut lines are wonky like mine, you wont be able to see them later, when wearing it

DSCF7587my jersey is 1.5m wide (about 56inch), less width will make the circle a little smaller, but it will still work fine

DSCF7588my selvedges did not look nice because they had those dark glue residues, so I cut them off. if yours are clean you can just leave them the way they are

DSCF7589now I placed on end on top of the other, right side outside

DSCF7590and pinned the whole seam

DSCF7591for some reason one end was shorter then the other

DSCF7592so I cut the longer end, so it would fit

DSCF7593this way I turned my fabric into a ring

DSCF7595now I sewed over the 2 layers with zigzag, securing my seam, with stitches forward and backward at each end

DSCF7596looks like this

DSCF7597and cut back the additional fabric so the edges would be only a few mm from the zigzag stitching (on the inside and outside)

DSCF7598another way to cut that fabric away

DSCF7600and my finished scarf

DSCF7603I can wear it wrapped around twice

DSCF7604or three times

DSCF7601if you turn it around a few times, before folding it together

DSCF7602you get this knotted look

Do you have any questions about this? Do not hesitate to ask!

In next weeks beginners project I will show you how to sew a scarf like this with woven fabric, so stay tuned!

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy

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