more tank tops


finally finished my other tank-tops, sorry I kept you waiting. The pattern is the same as the other tank-top . For this one I also made a video, since half of you voted for a video-tutorial. You can still vote for the next tutorial/project here. I will start with the project with the most votes tomorrow



60 cm of elastic fabric

fusible interlining or edge tape

sewing thread

old tank-top in your size, paper, pen, paper shears, tailor shears, iron and sewing machine


start by drawing your tank top on paper, one time the front and one time the back and add seam allowance all around, as you can see my parts don’t look even 😉 and take a look at the print of my tank top 🙂

to even the sides fold in the middle, the side seam and hem you can cut into one shape at the probably small differences, leave the top with both strap versions

draw the folded part on another paper with both version, then mark the middle between both right corners and both left corners of the strap (I made dots)

and draw the new strap (pink line) then fold the new paper and cut the part folded

and when you fold open you have your front-part

do the same with the back: fold and even out the side-seams and hem

draw the folded top on another paper, with both upper back versions,

find the points in the middle between both corners again and draw a new line, fold and cut.


put both parts on the fabric (just one layer, you only need one front and one back) the fold-lines should be parallel to the selvages 

pin to the fabric and cut.

 Iron the edge tape to the edges of the arm-holes and neck-hole.That will keep your seams from stretching out. Measure your arm-hole, if it to tight for your arm, you have 2 possibilities: 1. you cut the arm-hole deeper
2. dont put the tape on the 10 cm around the side seam… 5cm to each side

you need to fold the tape a little, so it fits the curves, do the same to the back-part


pin side-seams and shoulder seams onto each other

and sew them with zigzag

fold the seam allowance into the back and sew again with zigzag.

fold the seam allowance at arm-hole and neck-hole inwards, same at the hem.

and sew with zigzag


what do you think of my tank-tops? The one with the camouflage actually is to tight, because the fabric is not elastic enough. But I already have an idea how to solve that problem, I will show you what I come up with!

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keep sewing and smiling

Your TailorFairy


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