no pattern batwing/dolman sleeve top


so I got a wish to do a dolman/batwing sleeve top without a pattern. I hope I understood it right and this is what was hoped for. 🙂 I normally work with patterns, because I like to reuse them… if you draw directly on fabric you have to draw on every time you want to do a similar garment. Anyhow I hope you like my idea… I certainly like the finished garment 🙂



at least slightly stretch-fabric: 2x (wished length + some cm) (mine: shoulder-to-waist+10cm=50cm, 50cmx2cm=100cm)

0.5 m knitted fabric like jersey for cuffs/waistband

sewing thread

sewing machine, serger (if you have one), pins, tailor’s chalk and tailor shears 


first you fold the fabric selvage on selvage right side in

and then fold over again and pin all layers together

at the side with the open edges go 1/4 chest+1cm away from folds, parallel to the folds

at the side with the selvages go 1/2 sleeve-width away from the big fold (mine:15cm)

then go the chest-line 1/2 sleeve-width+10cm down from the fold and connect to the sleeve-marking at the selvages.

now you need your neck-hole, at the corner of folds and big fold, 10cm down at the folds and 14 cm to the side at the big fold, connect with a curve

cut the part


fold your part open

and fold front on back and pin the seams

and sew with straight stitching I also used my serger because my fabric was fraying, you can use zigzag or what else your machine offers for overedging if your fabric frays as well

you need 4 more parts:

1x wished waistband-widthx20cm

2x wrist-widthx20cm

1x (your neckhole-4cm)x4cm

sew into rings, with zigzag or serger

fold the rings in half and pin them to the right side of the top

and sew with serger or zigzag (if you use zigzag, remember to fold the seam allowance into the top part and sewed it with zigzag again)



I love to read your comments

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