Cap with colorful dots

This was so much fun to do! I just love caps and hats. Its a forced love, because in summer I need to wear them to not get a sunstroke and in winter to keep my ears warm to prevent a inflammation of the middle ear. So I learned to love hats and caps and I do own quite a few.

You probably should not do this as your very first project unless you are a patient person. It took me much longer than I expected.



20 cm fabric with colorful-dot-print (mine is a flannel)
a piece thick felt  
sewing thread
10 cm  fusible interlining
short piece of elastic
Paper, old fabric, a similar cap that fits, pen, paper shears, tailor shears, iron and ironing board and your sewing machine


You start with your cap.

Pin some of the old fabric on the side-part of the cap (or if you don’t have any use paper, but then you need to be more careful so you wont rip it).

Pin it right on the seams.and cut it right next to the pins.

now pin fabric on the top, again right at the seams and cut again close to the pins.

now do the same with the shield.

Get the templates of and draw them on paper. Add seam allowance all around, only not on the front of the side part, because I did not want a seam in the front, so I cut that part in fold.

also cut shield and top in half to be sure both sides will be even in your final cap.


put the templates on folds parallel to the selvages and cut them, you gonna need the shield twice.

Also cut the shield twice of the fusible interlining and iron it on the shield parts.

You need the shield once of the thick felt too.

Put one shield part with the left side on the felt a the right side up, on which you put the other shield part with the right side, so that both part are face to face on the felt and pin all three together.


remember to always secure your seams!

Sew the shield and cut the seam allowance.

Turn in around and pin the seam. Because of the thick felt you probably need some force to have the seam at the fold, thats why you best pin it before sewing it.

sew it.

Pin the back seam of the side part and sew it

Fold the seam allowances apart and pin on the top part (sew how in the video above) and sew the top part to the side part.

Fold the seam allowances apart and sew them close to the seam on both sides, also at the middle-back-seam. Next double-fold the edge of the back-hole and sew it. (See how in the video above)

Now mark the middle of the front and the middle of the shield (see how in the video above) and pin the shield right at the middle of the cap and sew it.

Now you need to measure around your head and measure your cap and cut a strip with the length of the difference of both measurements plus 2 cm seam allowance and the width of 4 cm.

fold it in the middle sew it 0.5 cm to the edge and turn it around, then cut the elastic half the length of the strip.

Put the elastic in the strip and pin it on both ends right with the end of the strip, since the elastic is shorter than the strip it will look ruffled like in the picture.

Now pin the strip in back-hole the seam allowance away from the edge of the part and sew it there.

Now cut another strip of the fabric, this time 5 or 6 cm wide, the length should be the measurement around your head. Fold your strip in the middle with the right side outside.

Pin the strip from the back-hole all around to the other side of the back-hole, let it go over 1 cm over the edges of the back-hole for seam allowance then sew it all around. Cut the seam allowance at the shield to a few mm.

now fold that strip inward and sew it.


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Let me know and see how your caps turn out. I would love to see them!

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All the best

Your TailorFairy

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