reversible fake-fur-leather bag

So still according to the fur-trend for winter I made a bag out of the same material I used for the vest/waistcoat.

I enjoy making bags, because it is easy and useful and you can wear them with different outfits. I also love making bags of fake-fur because then you can also use them as a pillow and they are just feeling nice when looking for something inside.



  • 75 cm fabric with a fake-leather and a fake-fur side or the rest of the vest/waistcoat
  • 10 cm of checked/plaid fabric
  • ribbon in a similar color as the checked/plaid fabric
  • thread fitting the leather side and underthread fitting the fur side 

Sewing machine, pins, paper, pen, paper shears, tailor shears, set square and safety-pin


you start on a paper with the form you want that is the later front of the bag. From there you draw the later bottom of the bag. Parallel to the width of the form, mine is 4 cm wide, then you add the form again, thats your bag, then the top which is the same size as your bottom and then comes the flap: the straight side is same length as front and back and then I made the other side into a curve.

then you add at the bottom part on both sides strips with the width of the bottom and the length of the height of front and back. Add seam allowance at the sides of that side-part.

To see how I did the pattern please watch the video above.


Look in which direction the hairs of the fur lay then pin the part on the fabric so the hair lays down to the bottom of the flap, parallel to the selvage, this time you do not need to fold the fabric because you need the bag-part just once.

and cut it.
after cutting brush off the cut-hair of the edges
cut the seam allowance from the main body so its only attached to the side-parts
fold the seam allowance under the front and back  and pin it on both sides


remember to secure your seams! I am sewing this with 2 different threads, one fitting the leather side, the underthread fitting the fur side, so I have to sew with the leather side up at all seams.

sew the pinned seams one time close to the edge and one time about 0.5 cm parallel to the first line

finished seams

cut two 4cm strips of the checked/plaid fabric about 140 cm long, fold them in the middle and sew them some mm away from the edge, then turn the strips around, see how in the video above.

also cut the same length 3 times of the ribbon, make knots in the ends of the ribbon and the srips.

pin the strips and and ribbons on the sides of the bag

now sew them on at the side with one seam at the bottom and one seam at the top then sew all strips together some times over the handle so they wont split to often.


thats what my bag looks like. It is reversible, but I mostly have the leather-side shown, because the fur is white and for that looks dirty much faster.

If theres anything you do not understand please feel free to ask me in the comments or by email. Also send me a picture of your bag if you want to, I would love to see it.

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All the best

Your TailorFairy


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