quick and easy dolman/batwing sleeve top


so a friend gave me the idea to do something with dolman sleeves, because its easy to sew, comfy but pretty to wear. Well, as usual ideas stick to my head until I manage to sew them and I went to my own

fabric shop, meaning my collection here at home:

and I found this really nice jersey-like fabric, which is pretty heavy and drapes wonderful because of that weigh, I actually totally forgot I had it. 🙂 what a shame huh? 

I rarely wear wider garments, but I actually was sewing it thursday night and wearing it friday right away. I just wanted to finish it, that I even broke the rule not to sew after 10 pm, well 10 more minutes 😉 I hope my neighbors wont hold that 10 minutes against me, but I had to stand up early and no chance to do the rest in the morning.

This is really something you can do in one evening, it took me, with dinner break and taking pictures of every step 3.5 hours. I am already so curious about yours! I am going to do a variation this weekend, I will keep you informed over twitter and facebook, links in the sidebar.



2m of elastic fabric
sewing thread
sewing machine, (serger), paper, paper shears, tailor shears, set square and pen 


draw a square: 1/4 bust x top length (mine is 60 cm), thats your front/back

and another square: sleeve length(60 cm) x 20 cm or more depending on how wide you want your sleeve, thats the sleeve

place the 2 squares on another paper, front/back right at the edge, sleeve in a right angle to it

and repeat the same in a mirror image, so you get a T

I wanted the sleeve at the wrist not to loose, so I measured around my wrist added 2cm and divided that in half and marked that from the middle line of the sleeve on both sides

go 5 cm on each angle and line of the T away from the angle and connect those points an a curve with the wrist.

all you still need is a hole to put your head through, I went 10 cm from that middle line to each side and until 5 cm to the shoulder-line, do a curve in the corners, add 1cm seam allowance all around

finished pattern


fold the fabric in a right angle to the selvages, be careful not to stretch the fabric, leave it laying for a little to make sure it is not stretched anymore

put the pattern right at the fold and pin it

and cut it


fold the fabric, wrong side out, back on front, pin and sew, I used a serger, but it would work with any overlocking-stitch you have in your sewing machine, or a straight line and zigzag right next to it

next fold the seam allowance at hem and sleeve inwards and sew with zigzag

measure around your neck-hole and cut a 5cm strip with that length minus 5-10cm

sew the short ends together, wrong side out

fold the band with right side out in the middle and pin it evenly stretched to the neck-hole

sew it with zigzag while stretching the band, fold the seam allowance down and sew it with zigzag again


I like it, what about you? Let me know what you think! Ideas, suggestions and wishes for tutorials as always welcome!

All the best

your TailorFairy 



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