fabrics for figurines


so drawing all those figurines lately I thought it would be so much fun to see what you come up with!

I am giving away those 3 beautiful fabrics, thats are from my stash and even though I like them, they wont be sewn into anything in the near future by me, so I give them a chance with you. All you have to do to get one of them, is to draw a figurine (dressed or not, your choice) and send it to me.  This is not a contest, any drawing, you made yourself can win, and the 3 winners will be picked randomly! I will not judge your drawing. This is just for showing how different fashion figurines can look like.

Those beauties are waiting for a new home:

DSCF4652 DSCF4653 100% Polyester, a velvet like stretch-fabric I sadly dont know the english name of, 3m of a 1.45m wide fabric

DSCF4654 DSCF4655 Polyester and spandex, elastic knit fabric with a similar quality as this top, it is heavier then you expect, 1.6m of a 1.4m wide fabric

DSCF4656 DSCF4657I actually dont know what this is, but I am also guessing for polyester or something like that, flowers are woven in, 1.7m of a 1.45m wide fabric

and here is how you can get one of them:

—1— anyone can enter, I will ship internationally

—2— you need to draw a figurine, any style, dressed or not

  • you yourself have to draw it and

  • it needs to be suitable for all age groups

—3— send this figurine to: tailorfairy(at)yahoo(dot)com and include in your email:

  • a link to you blog, website, facebook page or anything else, so your drawing will be linked back to you

  • which fabric(s) you would like to win, you can apply for all three, two or just one

—4— the winners will by picked randomly exactly one week from today, so you have enough time for your drawing 

If there are any questions left, please let me know!

I am already so excited and curious about your drawings!

keep sewing and smiling and drawing


your TailorFairy


  1. […] the deadline passed and nobody wanted to take part in my figurines for fabric giveaway. And I am wondering why that is the case. I want to understand so I can do it better next time! So […]

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