how to draw a figurine 4: crazy form for illustrations


you ever saw a fashion-illustration, maybe even of a famous fashion designer? Noticed how they make their own proportions and you cant guess what the clothing being drawn really looks like? well fashion illustrations are more to give you a feeling, so the more art-y part of fashion drawings. The fun is you can do pretty much whatever you like. I am going to show you 2 different ways, but the opportunities are endless. So I thought of hosting a little give-away, I will tell you more about it tomorrow. So be sure to come back.

DSCF4638so for the first idea you need another picture of yourself or someone, but this time only half the size of your paper

DSCF4639cut at the places you wanna add length later (for example if you wanna show of things on pants and sleeves, make them longer)

DSCF4640just had to take a picture of this, me as a greek statue 😉

DSCF4641place on the paper, the way you want, dont be to careful to proportion, later I thought I could have made it more extrem

DSCF4642glue the parts on and connect with a marker

DSCF4643finished, I thought it doesnt even look as extrem as I thought it would

DSCF4650well of course, hands dont need to have that form or anything else, here I replaced head, hands and feet with hearts

DSCF4651or spirals or whatever you have in mind

DSCF4644for the other idea you need the same picture twice, in a smaller and a bigger version, cut into trips they way you want

DSCF4645and mix them up, playing around with proportions

DSCF4646I drew the final version on, of course you could also use glue again

DSCF4647connect the lines

DSCF4648after I finished the lines, I thought she looked a little cheap, so I made butt and chest a little smaller:

DSCF4649with the big head and feet she still has something child like somehow…

So play a little around and lets see what you come up with!

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy

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