knitted fabrics


so the other big group of fabrics are the knitted fabrics.

Knitted fabrics are mostly made of one thread going from the left to the right and back and building points with itself in the down line, it can also be knitted in circles. It is always elastic, no matter which material it is made of. You have little V’s on the right side building lines in the direction of the selvages and on the left side are short stripes in a right angle to the selvages. You can make tops, t-shirts, skirts, dresses and pants out of it and wont need any closing, but you can’t do anything with it that has form-parts like the collar of a shirt, because it wont stay in that form always. The other thing you need to remember is to sew it with a stitching that is elastic (like zigzag) because if not and you stretch the fabric the seam might rip apart. And if its knitted with big needles (bigger V’s) you also have to overedge the seams very well or you might get runs/ladders.

There’s also another way to produce a knitted fabric, here goes one set of threads up and building points with the threads right and left of them. They look like a really small net with small knots in diagonal lines. Those are stretching in the width but not so much in the length and are runproof.

I will show you the most common kinds of knitted fabrics more specific over the next time.

I hope that helped, feel free to ask me anything and make suggestions which fabrics I should explain more closely.

All the best




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