grandpa’s shirt + mum’s cardigan = my new dress


my ma gave my some cloth she does not wear anymore and my grandma also wanted to give away lots of her old clothes and the cloth of my grandpa (who died about 3 years ago) so I have lots of stuff to upcycle or use as fabric for new clothes or other things. 🙂 Well, this one is a little short for dress, at least when your as tall as me, and I dont live in the 60s so I am not used to wear skirts that end just over the butt 😉 but I like it anyhow, I will save it for autumn and wear it with leggings. 😉 or get used to shorter skirts. Well sadly the cardigan fabric stretched quite a bit at the waist, I should have used something to stabilize the seam, but a waist-belt looks great with it anyhow:) I will show you pictures how I style it in the future.

Here is what I  did:



old cardigan
old shirt (in fitting colors)
pins, tailor shears and I used my serger, but you could also use your sewing machine

take the shirt and cut it right below the end of the sleeve (if yourse is checked as mine, it gives you great lines to cut) then cut the sleeve in a right angle (again the check is helping me) and cut it again right above the slit in a right angle again

then take your cardigan and mark the waist (sorry for the blurry pictures) and the same length at the sleeves, so it ends at the elbow

turn the sleeves upside down, with the small part up and cut about 7 cm of the end of the cardigan sleeves as cuffs

pin the shirt and sleeves stretched to the cardigan well if you dont want to repeat my mistake use some fusible interling or such to the waist so it wont stretch out to much 😉 but it still needs to be elastic or you dont get it on anymore, since mens shirt and womans cardigan button different, if it is not elastic you need to parts of mens clothing or womans clothing so the buttons will match up

and sew it with serger

looks like this

then pin the sleeves to the cuffs, this wont be able to stretch enough so you have to put in folds, try to even out the to much fabric evenly

pin it right sides facing each other as always

and sew it

looks like this


Looks great with that elastic waist-belt doesn’t it?

So I hope you like my new upcycle idea. Wishes, questions, ideas as always welcome!

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy


  1. For the stretchy waist, you could add a petersham ribbon waistband that hooks where the cardigan buttons. Then the skirt part isn’t pulling on the sweater material and would hang from its own support.

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