70s skirt


so its a little embarrassing to admit, but I do like those 70s-german Schlager-movies. I own quite a few of them. 😉 besides those nice funny stories with songs I also like them for the costumes. Remember I am in a seventies phase? and movies from that era are the best source of how people really dressed ;), but I did buy those dvds before that phase… 😛

Anyhow in one of those movies from ’71, named “Kinderarzt Dr. Fröhlich” the girl is wearing some nice skirts I liked. So I tried to copy them and this is my first. I really like it, even though I have to get used to the shortness, since I tried to make it really correct and even though I own short skirts, this feels a little shorter, but it looks good nonetheless and somehow it was ok to wear such short skirts in the 60s and 70s, so I will survive I guess… and make the next one (which I definitly will do) 5cm longer. 😉 



0.8 m corduroy

1 press fastener

1 button or something decorative to close the skirt in the front

sewing thread

pins, sewing machine, tailors shears

paper, paper shears, set square, pen and your measurments for the pattern


start with a box, one side (your waist+5cm)divided by 2 and the other side 20cm long

the lower line is your hip line, draw the line longer to the side, (hip(+2) minus waist-line) didvided by 4 to each side

and connect your waistline to that new dots and draw the lines longer to your wished length

redraw the lines a little curved

and your template is finished, dont forget to add seam allowance!

use the template for the back, draw a line for the waistband and create 2 pattern parts

do the same with the left front, should be 2/3 of the total width or more

and the right front


cut the waistband parts and the right front of folded fabric, since you need each part twice

back and left front need to be cut only once, so with fabric laying open

pin the side-seams of the skirt

and the waistband and sew both

if you dont wanna repeat my mistake and have to unpick your seam, overedge those seams before you pin the waistband to the skirt part

then fold the 2nd right front inside and add the other 2 waistband parts

and pin them

also pin the hem of the double parts, right side facing each other

sew it

also sew the upper edge of the waistband

start looking like a skirt huh? pin the rest of the hem and fold the inner waistband at the lower edge inside and pin them

now you need what you wanna use to close your skirt, I used the fastener made for bags

place your fastener where you want it and make holes where needed

then push the metal thing through the fabric and bend the ends to make it hold

do something similar with the bottom half, I just hid the left side inside of the waistband

trara, all whats left to do is the hem and the waistband, both already pinned

looks pretty finished

I used small press fasteners to keep the side that lays under the other in place


sorry for the blurry pictures!

Any questions as always very welcome!


keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy


  1. Thank you for visiting my blog. I love the simplicity of your pattern drafting system. I think this skirt would look great with a burnt orange color sweater.

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