trading more purple and pink yarn for fabric


today and next week are the last times with my yarn trading 😉 I hope you find something you like, any fabric offers especially corduroy, fake fur and fake leather and anything in orange, brown and yellow and in 60s or 70s look are most welcome. I will send the yarns all around the world. 😉

“MAX” 150g, 50% Merino wool 50% acrylic, needle size 8-10 mm, 50g = 48m

“Dolce”  100g, 49% Merino 49% Nylon 2% Cupro, needle size 7mm, 50g = 80m

“Bandero” 100g, 75% acrylic 25% polyester, needle size 8-9mm, 50g = 70m

“Naturale” 90g, 43% baby alpaca 23% kidmohair 17% merino extrafine 17% nylon, needle size 4-4.5mm, 25g = 95m

“Sport light” 195g, 50% new wool 50% polyacrylic, needle size 6-8mm, 50g = 80m

anyone interested?

see the other yarns I am trading:

here, here and here 


keep sewing and smiling and trading

your TailorFairy

I love to read your comments

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