I am a white moose! :)


I got asked how to do a moose-hat. 😉 So I tried my best, but it took a little more time then I thought, so I have to postpone the coat until tomorrow, so you can still vote for a sewing tutorial here. Please let me know what you prefer!

This is what I did for the moose-hat, I know my ears and antlers are not even, but they show how it works right? 🙂 So I hope this is helpful for everyone still looking for a costume. 🙂 

What you need:

some fake fur

some woven cotton in a similar color

felt leftovers

sewing thread

filling material for the antlers

hair band (you can take it out again later, it is just to stabilize the antlers)

sewing machine and hand sewing needles


take a had that fits you well and fold it twice and draw around it on a paper

add seam allowance all around

cut it

fold it in middle and even both sides

I just drew the ears without any measurements, I think they about 17cm long

they will be folded or in a circle like this

I also drew the antlers free hand on a standard paper

looks like this with seam allowance


when you work with fake fur, you best draw each part on and dont work with folded fabric. also draw all templates on in the same direction.

you need the hat-part 4 times and the ears twice. while cutting be careful you only cut the fabric and not the hairs of the fake-fur

then take the cotton, fold it selvage on selvage, and pin the ear part and the antler part on it

you need to cut the antlers twice, so you have it 4 times in the end

I also cut the ears one more time out of folded felt, felt to make the ears more firm and standing away from the hat later

pin the antlers together and the ears, right sides facing each other, one fake fur to one cotton, and the felt on top of the cotton, this way it will be inside the ears later, also pin 2 hat pieces together


after sewing the hat parts together pin the half-hats together

sew the ears and cut the seam allowance at the top, then turn them around

also sew the antlers, cut the seam allownace in at the tight curves and turn them around, that took me actually quite a while 😉

then stuff the antlers, in one I have the real filling cotton, but I used all I had left for that one, so I used fabric scraps for the other one, you couldnt tell the difference in the end, stuff the seam allowance at the end inside as well, same with the ears

fold the hem of the hat inside and sew it… I actually only sewed some points, because if I wanted to sew a longer line the hairs were caught up in the sewing machine… so I did like every 5cm some stitches.

then sew the antlers to the hat by hand at the placing you want. I tried to do it like in nature, because mooses antlers are pretty much on the side of the head, but on top would look good, too. And mine arent even, but I dont know if nature works even on each side of the head of antlers… do you? Also fold the ears in the middle and sew them to the hat, behind the antlers, if you wanna be correct with nature

my antlers were hanging down a little, so I took an hairband for more stability

and sewed it into the hat right below the antlers with some stitches, I actually only put stitches in the hat-fabric right and left of the hairband, this way I can take it out easily again and use it.


see my ears arent totally even? well it is a really warm hat and I had so much fun doing this. If anyone will celebrate halloween here, I will put on white pants and a white sweater and be a white moose… Do they exist? Or are all mooses brown?

Well, the next part of the coat sew along will be up tomorrow. Dont forget to vote!

I hope you had fun with this one!

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy




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