Parkour-pants for my sis

My sis wanted new pants to train parkour in. She had some special wishes. Since she is tall she wanted long pants and they should be wide. Additionally she wanted deep pockets that wouldn’t stay open, so nothing could entangle while running and climbing. Also she needed the possibility to ruffle the leg-hems close to the legs. So this is what I came up with and she already wears it, so: Mission accomplished!

This is a really easy pant-pattern you could do with a un-elastic fabric too, since you have elastic waistbands. I am already very curious what ideas your coming up with!



1.5 m fabric
0.2 m jersey
1 m of 8cm wide strong elastic
1 m ribbon
2 press buttons
sewing thread, sewing machine, paper, eyelet setter or hammer, paper shears, tailor shears, set square, pen, your measurement and pins. 


start at the edge of a paper, mark a point and go 20 cm down from there, if you want your pants on your hips, if you want yours to go up to the waist you should do it a little longer.

from that point draw in a right angle a line, length: 1/4 hip + 4 cm (or only 2 cm, if you don’t want it that loose)

draw a box out of those two lines with right angles

at the upper line go 2cm into the box

connect the hip point with that new point in a slight curve

draw the hip-line a little longer, 5 – 8 cm

go on the upper line 1cm into the box and on the hip line 0.5cm outside and connect both points

from the end of the hip-line 1 cm down and connect all with a curve

draw the side-lines of the box longer and connect the end point of the line you just did and connect it in a curve to the side-lines

make it as long as you want by drawing the side-lines longer and the cut the part, thats the later back-part

start the front part same as the back part, but after going 20 cm down only go 1/4hip (if you want it more loose +2cm)

and make that line 4-5cm longer

draw a box again with your first mark on the hip line and do a curve back to the longer line, also do the 2 cm inwards at the waist and the curve back to the paper edge as with the back-part

draw your side lines longer, same as the back and connect the end point of the hip-line back to the side-line in a curve

cut it and you have front and back part


fold the fabric selvage on selvage and put the pattern parts on, the straight leg lines parallel to fold and selvages, leave space between the parts since you need to add your seam allowances still.

Then add 1 cm (or more if you want) seam allowance all around and 4 cm at the hem and cut it

put the top of the front-part on some fabric leftovers, pin it and cut the top part double

then turn it around, draw a line in the middle and cut it, those parts are your later pockets


remember to secure every seam you sew

fold the side-seam-allwance about 15 cm inward and pin it

and sew them with zigzag

now put the pocket parts under the front-parts and pin them

sew with zigzag

put front-part on back part face-to-face and pin the side-seams and sew with zigzag-stitching

fold the seam allowance into the back-part and sew it over one more time (if your smarter then me you should add your press fasteners now, see how more down)

now pin the inseam of each leg

and sew with straight stitching

and do zigzag as overedging on the seam-allowance

turn one leg on the right side and put it into the other one

then pin the crotch seam, as you can see mine didn’t look as it should, so I corrected the line a little

and sew with straight stitching (if you have a stretch-stitch in your machine use that one, or if your pant is more tight and you don’t have a stretch-stitch sew it twice)

and use zigzag to prevent the edges from fraying again

and turn both legs to the right side

cut your waistband in your wished length of the jersey, mine 12 cm wide, depending on the wide of the elastic (twice the width of the elastic plus 2 cm seam allowance) cut the elastic in the same length

and sew the elastic into a ring

also sew the waistband into a ring with zigzag

then fold the seam allowance to one side and sew with zigzag again

fold the waistband in the middle and put the elastic inside, then pin the waistband so the elastic stays right down at the fold

pin the waistband with the elastic to the pants and sew with zigzag, but be careful not to get any stitches into the elastic, stretch the waistband a little while sewing since its probably smaller then the top of your pants

Fold the seam allowance down and pin it

and sew with zigzag

mark the hem allowance at the inseams of both legs and draw on button-holes on bot sides from the seam on the hem allowance

then sew them with really small and tight zigzag or if your machine can do button-holes and cut them in

cut 2 parts of the ribbon in the length of your hem circumference +1cm and pull it through your button-holes

sew the ribbon into a ring

pin the hem allowance around the ribbon

and sew the hem with zigzag, but be careful not to get any stitches in the ribbon

now you pull your hems close to your leg if you want

so for the press fasteners start with the down part and get it in with your eyelet setter or a hammer, or if you bought sew-ons sew it on (I did it a little late, it was really difficult to get with the eyelet setter over the waistband, so if you want them in, you should be smarter then me, don’t repeat my mistakes, and add them earlier in the pace)

mark where the top-part should be

and put it in (on both pockets)


So let me know what you think! Ideas, wishes, suggestion as always are very welcome!

All the best

Your TailorFairy 


  1. Sieht schick flauschig aus 🙂 .
    So ne Hose habe ich jeden tag an, allerdings ist die von Hollister und nicht so schön 🙂 .

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