upcycled t-shirt in uniform style

that is a new upcycle idea, very fast and easy, I did it in a light uniform-style, imitating the metal-buttons in the front centre with silver fused pearl beads and same for epaulettes on the shoulders, I don’t think anyone here even recognizes the uniform-parts, since something like epaulettes or more decoration on shoulder is to be seen quite easily. Well uniform or no uniform, I like the look of the t-shirt and with black and silver you can not do anything wrong. 😉 by the way the straight line in the front makes you look slimmer, the epualettes broaden you shoulders just a little bit, for me it works fine, but if you think your shoulders are wide and you don’t like it, this is not something you should wear. I already washed it in my washing machine once, so you don’t have to worry washing would be difficult.



1 black t-shirt in your size (mine is from C&A 4.50€)
about 3m of silver fused pearl beads
and you need scissors, hand sewing needle and sewing thread

how you do it

so fold your shirt about 2 or 3 cm parallel to the shoulder seam

and cut 1 cm in into 1 cm wide strips, I went one strip into the sleeve

and braid down the shoulder by turning the second strip around the first then pull the third strip through the loop of the second, and the fourth through the loop of the third, pin the last loop to the sleeve for now

then fold parallel to the shoulder seam again on the other side of the seam and cut into strips again.

and braid same as the other one

so next you lay your beads on it measuring how far down the sleeve or arm you want them, one should be shorter then the other so they don’t lay over each other. And cut them

take the shorter one and weave it through the middle of the braids

then take the longer one and weave it shifted to the short one through the braids, keeping the short one inside, do the same on the other shoulder/sleeve

now fold side seam on side seam of your t-shirt and pin a line 2 cm parallel to the front centre fold and cut into 1cm wide strips in a right angle to the fold, the pins marking the length of the cuts

fold the shirt open, using the neck-hole-ribbon as the first strip braid down with the same method used at the shoulders

braid down the front, but stop before you reach the hem and pin the last loop onto the hem

then cut some of the beads that is about 1 cm longer then twice the slightly stretched braid and weave the first half through the middle of the braid

then weave the second half shifted to the first half through the braid

lay the ends of the beads around the hem and sew it with hand stitching (into the string between the beads) together (sorry for the blurry picture)

now sew the ends of the beads to the t-shirt at the shoulder


I hope you like my idea and it inspires you to create something yourself!

All thoughts, suggestions, wishes for tutorials and ideas welcome! Here in the comments or write me an email. Also on twitter, facebook and the others linked in the sidebar.

All the best

Your TailorFairy

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