how to sew… capri sports pants


I finally managed to get sports back into my schedule. 🙂 jay for me! 🙂 Because of that I noticed I do not have enough nice looking sports-cloth, so what should a seamstress do? Make some for herself of course.

For this, I used the pattern I made for my sisters parkour-pants:


I folded it, so it would end just below the knee and cut the fabric.


then I sewed the back and front parts together, one pant-leg with right side out and one with wrong side out. then I placed the pant-leg with right side out into the other


and sewed the crotch seam


now I sewed an elastic into a circle and cut my waistband fabric twice as wide as the elastic plus seam allowance


then I folded the waistband in the middle and placed the elastic in it. and pinned it to the right side of my pants, all open edges to the top, and sewed


the only thing ma pants still miss is the hem: for that, I cut 2 cuffs to fit my calves and twice as long as I want it to be at the finished pants, sewed it into circles, folded in half with the wrong side on the inside, then I pulled one over each pant-leg and sewed.


my finished sports pants.

I hope this was understandable, even with just this few pictures. If you do have any questions about this project, do not hesitate to ask!

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy


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