how to sew… chair-covers part2: seat-cover


here is the step-by-step for the seat cover. (The backrest-cover-tutorial can be found here)

DSCF8135 first I cut 2 pieces of fabric in the seat-size plus seam allowance. The layer in the middle is called cotton-mix (by Freudenberg), it gives the body-heat back, so your butt gets warmDSCF8144

next I pinned strips of fabric to my seat-sized pieces



so I could test, what size and placement I need


for my chairs, it looked like this


now I overlocked my strips at 3 sides and pinned it to one seat-sized piece on top of a layer of cotton mix. Then I placed the other seat-sized fabric on top


and sewed all around, but left an opening , cut the seam allowance at the corners back and turned the right side out.


now I sewed over that opening to close it


next, I tried it on the chair and marked the placements of the press fasteners


and added my press fasteners

DSCF8152 (copy)

my finished chair

Do you have any questions about this project? Do not hesitate to ask!

If you like my print, you can order it here. I had it printed on linen-cotton-canvas.

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy

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