ikea-bag 2


so this is how I made my cute ikea-bag! If you wanna win it, read how to take part here.



old blue ikea-bags, you only need a little of the fabric, but quite some of the straps
yellow felt
sewing thread
sewing machine, hand sewing needle, paper, paper shears, tailor shears, pen and pins


pin the 2 short straps of one bag to each other

and then cut a long strap into pieces with the same length as the short 2

place the ikea signs the way you like

I had 4 straps next to each other

and sew them

draw the bag-form onto that part

and cut around it

measure around the line, and draw a square with that length and 5cm wide

and draw it on another paper

then add 3cm to the top

from there go 6cm up in the middle and 3 on the sides… thats your later flap


cut the parts of ikea fabric

you also need 2 long straps

draw the part as a pattern twice on yellow felt, cut another blue square and a blue flap


remember to secure your seams at beginning and end

pin the squares to the front parts and the other felt part to the blue flap and fold 2/3 of the straps in the middle and pin it

and sew them

next pin the yellow and blue one to the yellow and blue front and side, and the other 2 parts and sew them

now pin one strap to each side in the inside bag, the right side is inside

then turn the outside bag with right side out and put it into the inside bag

pin the bags to each other, leave a hole at the front

and sew it

cut the seam allowance short at the curves

turn it around

start looking like bag 😉

pin the hole together, and the seam you just did

and sew it

cut a strip of the yellow felt with the same wide as your button

and sew a buttonhole with the right size… if your sewing machine doesn’t do button holes, use a small zigzag, or do it by hand, in felt you wouldn’t need the stitches, I just did it to make the button hole more endurable

pin the strip to the bag

cut it shorter

draw a little heart on it and sew it

then sew the button to the bag


How do you like it?

dont forget to take part in the lottery to win this bag.

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy

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