Jacket Part3: interlining, first seams and a question


you all entered the lottery?

I finally bought some fusible interlining, 1m of Vlieseline H200, because it isn’t to stiff but neither to soft… but if you have a different fabric some other might work better for you.

fold the interlining in the middle and place the collar, the small neck-facing, the shoulder-part and the back-waistband at the fold and also pin the facing, cuff and front-waistband. Cut all parts.

and cut the collar, the waistband-parts and the facing once more.

then iron all of them to the parts they belong to according to the instructions of your interlining… mine sadly wont stick that well to the fabric… but its ok

and also iron the 2 other facing-parts to the centre front-parts

Now you can start doing your first seams, remember to secure your seams 😉

pin centre front and side front parts together, also the centre back part to the back side parts and the sleeve parts to each other (remember the slit)

sew them and iron the seam allowances apart

pin the shoulder part to back and front parts and pin the side seams. Sew them and iron the seam allowance apart again.

now is the right time for a first fitting, my dress form is a little smaller then me… if yours is to big or doesnt fit right you can still change things now. Correct your seams if necessary for a nice fit.


starts looking like a jacket eh?

well I was thinking: in the pattern aren’t any pockets planned, but I actually like pockets in my jackets, so what do you think?


next week: part 4 with sewing the sleeves in and starting with the lining


keep sewing and smiling


your TailorFairy

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