RIP Daisy


This makes me really sad; my trusty sewing machine Daisy died. She sewed with me for 20 years. In the last years, she got more quirks every day, then she could not sew some stitches anymore. And now, she can not even do the basic stitches. 😦

I bought her with 15 when I got a lot of money as confirmation gifts from various family members. I was so proud. We liked each other from day 1. 🙂 So, I sewed in the afternoons after school, even though it was a “weird” hobby back then. I found her in this old picture:

She even sewed the costumes for the musical with me. Later in fashion school, she always supported me in all my projects and ideas…

She turned self-employed with me and was always a patient foto model when I picked up analogue photography again.

She moved with me quite a few times and even waited patiently when I did not feel like sewing when I started working in a fabric store.

Now our time together has come to an end. 😦 I will always remember and miss her.

your Fairy


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