Tank-top with fused pearls

So I decided to do some tutorials about how you can change your clothes without needing much time nor money. For this one you need some tank-top you already own or bought new. I bought a new one, because I give away all clothes I did not wear for a long time. But maybe your different and have one laying around you don’t wear anymore. 😉 This was fun, it actually took me about half an hour and the fused pearls cost me o.55 € per meter, so in total 1,65 € for a new top ;). I hope you enjoy it!




a tank top in your size (mine is from C&A and cost me 4.50 €)
about 3 m of fused string pearl beads
sewing thread in the color of your top
hand sewing needle and some scissors 

Take your top.

Put the fused pearls on your top and arrange them the way you want. Then sew the ends with small stitches to the top on both sides. Don’t make stitches to much down, because the beads are not elastic. (See how I sewn them on in the video above.)


So thats how my top turned out. How does yours look?
I hope you enjoyed this one! 😉 Feel free to ask me anything about this top you don’t understand yet and anything else about sewing and fashion.
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All the best

Your TailorFairy 

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