modifications: tank top with batik dye and braided back

I did some tops and long-sleeves with batik dye, because I loved to do it as a kid;), its easy and fun and I also like the look of it, it always reminds me of summer and I love summer;). So with this shirt I did the dye and the braiding, if you like it, you can also do only one of them, the braiding works with any jersey-top for the dye you need very light colors or white works best. You should buy the machine wash dye for your garment, because it stays in better, if you just dye in a bucket the color will fade of easily. And if you stick to the instructions of your dye, there should not be any color remaining in the machine, ruining the next clothes you wash with the same machine, but when that should happen I am not responsible for it.

😉 Ok I hope you have fun with this!



a white tank-top in your size (I bought a new one at C&A for 4.50€)

machine wash-resistant textile dye in pink and turquoise and whatever that dye might require additionally (mine is from marabu (did cost about 5€) and I needed for each 1kg salt)

old or cheap yarn

tailor shears, pins and a washing machine

How you do it

you start with the tank-top

grab a point in the middle of the front and pull the top-layer up (or if you want circles on the back too, pull both layers together up)

lay it down

start at the point you pulled up with a knot and the wrap the yarn tight around the fabric, leaving spaces free in between.

Then dye it pink, following the instructions of your dye. Then you cut the yarn off very carefully, get it in the normal form  and let the top dry.

repeat the first steps.also wrap it tight in yarn again, but try to have other parts covered and free as before.

now you dye it again, this time in turquoise, cut the yarn carefully off again, get it in its normal form and let it dry.

fold the top the way that the side-seams lay on each other and pin them.

then cut the back in a right angle to the fold until some cm to the side-seam or arm-hole, try to cut them equally wide, but don’t worry to much about it, as you see, mine is not perfect either, you will not notice it after braiding though.

fold it normal again. Now take the first strip from the top that is from side-seam to side-seam (below the arm hole) and the second, turn them around each other, until the second is in the second position again, now you pull the third in between the first and second and lay it over the second so its the third  again, repeat that movement until you reach the hem, but the last should be the one before the hem-string. Now you start again. But this time from the top. Go down until the last string before the hem again, cut that in the middle and knot it around that hem-string, on both sides of that hem, then cut the ends (see how I did it in the video above) and you are


I hope you can use this idea for your own modifications! Of course you can do it with 2 different colors. You only need to consider that both colors mixed will look good too. Or you could cut less of the back into strips. I am looking forward to what you come up with and would love to see it!

If you have any questions about this or any other sewing/fashion problem feel free to ask me! Your question, suggestions, ideas, finished projects and wishes are most welcome by email, in the comment-section on facebook or twitter. Like my blog on facebook or follow me on twitter to be informed about any new posts/projects and tell your friends about it.

All the best

Your TailorFairy

Disclaimer: Dye is irritant and needs to be handled with care (e.g.wear gloves). I am not responsible for any misuses or dye residues in your washing machine.


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