Long-sleeve with batik dye and braided waist-line

So since my pc is healthy again I finally get to upload the modification-idea I promised you 2 weeks ago. I certainly love wearing this garment. I hope you will enjoy yours too. 🙂 Its easy to do and you only sew a few stitches by hand. No sewing machine required. 😉  Of course you can do it in different colors, just keep in mind that you also need to like what both colors mixed will look like.



1 white long-sleeve (at least 80% cotton) in your size (mine I bought at C&A for 7 €)
machine wash resistant dye for textiles in turquoise and pink
sewing thread
yarn (old you still had or buy cheap new)
sewing needle, washing machine and tailor shears

What you do 

you start with the dry long-sleeve, move the sides close into the middle and wrap it tight with yarn.

Then you dye it pink in your washing machine following the instructions of the dye you bought. Then you get the yarn carefully off and let it dry.

Mine looked like this. Now you fold the sleeves into the body.

Then fold the hem up to the shoulders, fold the fold up again and again.

Wrap yarn around it again, the yarn should be in a right angle to the white markings from the yarn-wrapping before.

This time you dye it turquoise in the washing machine, following the instructions of your dye again. Get the yarn carefully off again and let it dry.

When its dry you need to try it on and mark where you want that braided waist-line to be. This way the line will be where you want it to be, because measurement can be wrong when you work with elastic materials.

Now you make sure your mark is even,then you fold the hem up right at that marked line, pin a line about 2 cm parallel to that fold, cut about 1 cm or less wide strips until that pinned line. After that you remove the pins fold the garment open again and start with one strip close to one side-seam, turn it around the second strip, then pull the third strip through the loop of the second and so on, see how I did it in the video above. when you reached your last string and pulled it through the last loop, you cut that last one in the middle and put it on both sides under the very first strip.

you reconnect both ends of the last strip on the left side on the garment by a few hand-stitches.


I hope you like my idea and can use it or some parts of it to make the garments in your wardrobe more you. 😉

As always I am happy to hear about your ideas and suggestions in the comments below or by email. You can also ask me anything you don’t understand yet or anything else about sewing, I will do my best to answer quick.

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All the best

Your TailorFairy

Disclaimer: Dye is irritant and needs to be handled with care (e.g.wear gloves). I am not responsible for any misuses or dye residues in your washing machine.

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