to look at life positiv and compliment

So, today I was at the post office waiting in line and the man behind me, was grumbling and mumbling how impossible it is that he has to wait and they all should work faster. And I just thought, what a poor man, if he looks at all in his life this way, he probably suffers a lot. I wouldn’t want to live a life with that much of anger. I try to look a things relaxed and find something positive in anything as good as I can, but believe me, I have bad times, as everyone else. But I find if you try to look positive at life, it gets more easy with the exercise. Same as complimenting your friends and family and even strangers. I have the impression, people often only criticize and forget to compliment. But if you try to look at the people around you more positive and tell them, it can change the world, and look at it this way: wouldn’t you love to hear nice things from other people? and I can tell you complimenting others also makes you more happy somehow, so I say: Just try!

Your thoughts and experience are most welcome.

Your TailorFairy  

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