my batwing/dolman sleeve sewn with a normal sewing machine


as promised my batwing sleeve I did without a serger, but with a normal sewing machine. That is only possible with fabrics that does not (or only a little bit) fray. I used the straight stitching my machine calls elastic, but actually it is just jumping back and forward and by that doing every stitch 3 times. This top is loose so there is no need to have elastic seams, but of course a double stitching prevents the seams from ripping apart to easy, so this worked fine for me, if your fabric frays a little also sew with zigzag on the seam allowance. This pictures are mostly as proof for you that it works great with a normal sewing machine as well (only on the inside it does not look as professional as the other one, but normal the inside cant be seen, so… who cares?) 

so as you can see I sewed all parts just with straight stitching, see the pattern and instructions about how to do this kind of top here . This is only about the differences.

I pinned the parts together as with the other top and kept using the straight stitching:

looks like this

and the finished top like that:

I love this top as the other dolman sleeves, I have the dark blue panne velvet for a long time already and made a few things out of it 🙂 the light blue is so much fun and I still have a lot of it, so I look forward to creating other garments with it.

Questions, ideas and wishes most welcome and dont forget to connect via twitter or facebook to be informed about new posts.

all the best

your TailorFairy

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