weekly challenge 4: think positive


so who had a sore belly because of all the laughing last week?

The next challenge wont give you any soreness: Try to control what you are thinking. Every time you catch yourself thinking something bad about other people, yourself, the weather, the situation or anything else, try to think about something positive instead. Something you look forward too or something you are grateful for, even though you sometimes forget about it, or find at least something neutral to think about. For me its often: what I want to sew next, always makes me more positive;) or I try to remember a nice book or story or something positive that happened to a friend or my family. Actually that mostly works that well that I am walking around smiling, because I chuckle inside ;).

You need to find a way that works for you, but start by watching what you are thinking.

All the best

your TailorFairy

I love to read your comments

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