painting an old long-sleeve new


so I did another upcycle just with textile color and brushes… its actually inspired by the dvd-cover design if the movie juno, which is also made with stripes and writing in between… and I liked the look… its an old long sleeve my mum decided she wouldnt wear again… shes a size smaller then me, but with that jersey it still fits and I like tight clothes. Well here’s what I did:



1 old long sleeve (or new, if you like the style and dont have an old one)

2 colors to your liking, that look good together, of textile paint

one textile marker

set square, tailors chalk and brushes


first take your old long-sleeve, put it on and mark with a tape where you want the letters to be

then draw with chalk the lines around it, I started 2 lines above the mark and made the distance 1cm bigger each line down

then remove the tape, put a thick paper inside and write with the textile pen what you want on your long-sleeve… I actually wanted the tailorfairy to be in one line… but I started to big, so I had to split it up

take the color for the writing

and paint the letters… I also did style the lettering with the textile pen a little

next paint the lines with the other color

draw the same lines on the sleeves… I also did one additional line to the hem, also do thick paper inside the sleeves

and paint them… on both sleeves

let the paint dry and then turn around and paint the back

as well as the sleeves

then iron the color to make it permanent… follow the instructions of your textile colors, maybe they need something else, then ironing


Isnt that fun? and so easy, it just takes a little for the drying times.

all questions welcome

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy


I love to read your comments

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