Dress Part2: first seams


when I started sewing my dear sewing machine named Daisy showed me some more new troubles, I guess any time soon I will have to replace her. 😦

Well here are the next steps for the dress:

pin the darts in the front, if you are unsure draw the line of the dart. see its ending at a thread marking?

also pin the darts in the back

pin the marked points of pockets to the side-pocket part of the skirt, right side to right side

and pin the pleat at the front skirt part

sew a rectangle around the two markings on the pocket parts, its easier to see on the pocket-fabric

then cut the middle line until a few mm before the end and do 2 short cuts into each end

turn around through the whole

looks like this

iron it and sew another time around the rectangle

then pin the pockets closed

sew them and best also serge the edges or use any good overedging stitch

sew the pleats

and the darts, also iron them after sewing

same with the darts in the front

next pin the armhole-parts to the front parts

and armhole-parts and waistband to the back

sew and iron

same with the back (sorry for the blurry pic) and also overlock/overedge, serge the seam allowance at the waistband-seam

in Dress Part3: Zipper in centre front, pockets into skirt front, skirt parts to top parts

stay tuned! If there are any questions please leave a comment. I will try my best and answer them, even in my vacations;)

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy


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