Dress Part3: first zipper,fitting and some troubles


so with this part I faced some troubles which results in: having to sew big parts by hand. I really dont like sewing by hand, but if I want a nice dress, I dont have a choice 😉

first pin the folded fabric covering the pocket-hole and sew them with less then the normal seam allowance

pin the  shoulder-seams sew them and also do use overedging

sew the back-seam on the facing

pin the facing to the front and back, sew it, cut in if needed, and iron the seam allowance into the facing

pin the side-seams and try it on, to see if the fit is right, so you can still change it if needed

pin the pocket parts to the skirt part, sew it

cut in at the corner of the skirt part

and pin the top and bottom seam

fold the pocket together and sew also with a serger all around, also sew the fold to the one side

finished look;)

get the zipper open and pin it to the centre-front

close the zipper to see the look, and I saw I did not like the color

so I got another zipper

this looks better to me

so sew it close to the zipper

so when you close it again it looks like this… always test closing and opening after you put in a zipper;) so you wont notice to late it does not work

now pin the the other facing-parts (sewn together at the back) right side facing each other to it

try to sew in the same stitches you did for the zipper

cut the corners and cut in at the curves

fold it over inside

I tried to sew it with a sewing machine, but it looked pretty uneven inside, and if you want the zipper a little open it would show, so I undid all seams

so iron it and iron the seam allowance folded inside and sew by hand (I did not do that yet, due to lack of time, but it will look the best this way.)

pin the front-waistband to the front, careful with the zipper, I broke a needle, sew it and cut the end of the zipper and serge it

then pin the skirt parts to the front and back, sew them and serge them

pin yourself into the dress by pinning the side-seam to see the fitting 😉

Any questions left? Or did I explain something not well enough? Please leave a comment, I even try while travelling to answer fast.

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy


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