Dress Part4: invisble zipper, hem and finish


last part of the dress. Ready?

you need an invisible zipper (mine 40cm) and a special sewing foot

pin the zipper to the left open side-seam

and sew it with the special foot, ending a few cm before the end

close it after sewing to test if your zipper works fine and if you like the look of it

serge the edges, if your smarter then me, then you serge before sewing the zipper in

sew the rest of the side-seam, starting in the ends of the seams you did for the zipper

also sew the other side-seam and also serge the edges

pin the double arm-hole parts at the shoulders together

and sew them

pin one to the left side with open zipper

close the side-seam at the other one

and sew it

then pin it face to face to the right arm-hole

and sew it, at the left one stop before the zipper

and all around at the right side, by the way if your left handed you should do the zipper in the right side

cut in at the curves and fold it over inside, iron it and iron the seam allowance folded inside, sew by hand with invisible stitches to keep the double inside in place

fold the hem twice and pin it

and sew it all around


as you can see I did not do my hand-sewing yet, I just did not have enough time, but when I am back home I will and show you how it looks worn 😉

I hope this helped you, let me know if you have any questions about this or any sewing related things please write me a comment or  email to tailorfairy (at) yahoo.com.

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy


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