green skirt with orange and yellow stripes how to

DSCF4290 Heyhey,

here are the steps for the simple skirt with ribbons:

DSCF4384start with a box: your waist/4 and your wished skirt length

DSCF4385draw a line about 20 cm below you waistline, that is your hipline

DSCF4386split it up into 3 strips that a similar wide

DSCF4387calculate: your hip measurement – waist. And that number divide by 4 and that again by 2

DSCF4388thats the number you put at the hip line between the strips

DSCF4389on the waist they join and they split up towards the hem, this way your sure it will be big enough to fit over your butt.

DSCF4390draw onto paper and connect lines between the strips, add seam and hem allowances

DSCF4392then place it at the fold of your fabric, pin and cut

DSCF4393and do the same again, so you have one front and one back-part

DSCF4394mark with tailors-chalk the lines where you want to place your ribbons on both parts

DSCF4395close the right side seam (so the zipper will be on your left, left handed people, close your left side seam)

DSCF4397sew and if your fabric frays like mine use some overedging

DSCF4398now place your first ribbon on the marked line and sew (I only did stitches in the middle of the ribbon, because with this one it worked best

DSCF4399do the same with all your ribbons

DSCF4400use overedging for your open side seam

DSCF4401then pin the invisible zipper in place (how to’s for invisible zippers here and here)

DSCF4402looks like this finished

DSCF4403now pin the rest of the side seam, and be sure the ribbons are matched up

DSCF4404sew the side-seam from the end of the zipper seams down to the hem, and then secure he ending of the zipper with a few stitches

DSCF4405next pin the hem, I folded it twice up for a clean finish

DSCF4406sew, try your best that it doesnt interfere with your ribbons

DSCF4407draw the top of the skirt pattern onto another paper

DSCF4408 DSCF4409double it to the side, and make it about 6cm wide, that is your facing at the waist

DSCF4410 DSCF4411 cut it twiceDSCF4412 DSCF4413 sew one side together and use overedging, then also overedge the down end

DSCF4414 DSCF4415 pin to the right side of the skirt, and sew

DSCF4416 DSCF4417 fold over and pin the fold

DSCF4418sew parallel to the edge

DSCF4419 DSCF4420 DSCF4421finished! Because of the ribbons it got a little stiff thats why it keep more in a v-shape, but I still like it!

keep sewing and smiling and vote for your favorite drawing of the remaining 3 here!

your TailorFairy

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