plaid and pleats skirt how to


today is a wonderful warm and sunny day. Its supposed to stay that way… well lets see if they are right.

This is how I made my new plaid skirt, lots of unpicking. I just like plaid fabrics, but sewing them isn’t the most fun…  no pain no gain I guess 😉

DSCF4339for this I used pattern #5 by stitched by you magazine 1/2012, its one part for front and back, so I needed to cut it twice in fold, I tried my best to match up the plaid, but I failed at the side-seams

DSCF4340and of course the waistband, I gave up matching plaid when cutting that one (I know, I probably shouldnt admit that)

DSCF4341the pattern is a little tricky and the only solution I saw was cutting in until the first folding point for the pleats

DSCF4342matching up the plaid in the pleats took me about 6 tries

DSCF4343also pinned the big pleat in the centre front and back

DSCF4344and when I sewed, the plaid was mismatched, so I undid the seam

DSCF4345my second try: plaid is right, but its the wrong placing

DSCF4346and finally I got it, iron the pleat the way its supposed to fall, and stitch it in place at the top in the seam allowance, so it stays there

DSCF4347also sew the other pleats in place

DSCF4348then pin the big dart

DSCF4349ok, doesnt look to mismatched 😉

DSCF4350so I sewed it and because my fabric was fraying quite a bit, I also used overedging

DSCF4358then I pinned the seam allowance up and pinned the last pleat also in place

DSCF4360and with that seam I also stitched the big pleat in the centre in place

DSCF4361next: right side seam, right side to right side and then sew the left sides together, I tried very hard to match it up, but I had to give up, since it was more important that the dart seam was matched up

DSCF4362then I sewed the right side seam, because the zipper should normally be on the left side, because you reach it better with your right hand, so if your left handed, you should put the zipper on the right side. I also used overedging and also serged the open other sides

DSCF4363because then I sewed in an invisible zipper, you can see here and here, how I do that, and its way easier if the seam is still open

DSCF4364then I pinned and sewed the side seam starting from the seams for the zipper

DSCF4366DSCF4365sewed the end of the zipper over a bit, because as you see, my zipper was way to long

DSCF4368this way the zipper is secure and I could cut the end

DSCF4369next I pinned and sewed the waistband all around to the top, remember you need seam allowance at the front end, and some additional cm at the back end, to place the button later

DSCF4370next the endings, I folded the seam allowance of the already finished seam into the waistband, and the still open end I serged and let it go open down, this way the waistband isnt to big at the beginning but has and even look

DSCF4374then I sewed close to the seam to keep all in place

DSCF4375the hem I folded over twice, pinned and sewed and since its a wide skirt it took like forever

DSCF4376now I placed the button on the waistband

DSCF4377pin a pin at the holes of the button, put the button right next to that pin, and another pin at the button end

DSCF4378then I sewed the buttonhole with my sewing machine, my machine doesnt do them automatically, I have to sew where it ends myself, so if yours is a more modern one you can probably skip the last step, then all thats left is cut the buttonhole open and sew the button in place 😉

DSCF4380 DSCF4381 DSCF4382I like it but I dont love it, maybe I will change my mind though. 😉 Its a great summer fabric so I will test it this year.

As always I would love to hear any questions, ideas, suggestions and thoughts!

and dont forget to vote for your favorite april drawing here!

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy


  1. Any fabric matching is always a pain but checks are particularly difficult. You have done a great job. You are obviously a very patient person.

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