Halloween Costume?


you haven’t send in any wishes or ideas for a costume sew-a-long yet. So you have till midnight next wednesday. Please dont be shy, just let me know what would be interesting for you. You do not need to want to sew it right now as well, just what you would maybe like to do some day! It will be more interesting with your ideas, for me as well. Also it does not have to be a scary costume. 😉 And to all out there who think they are not entitled to wish for something because you know me personally, I am as interested in your ideas as in everybody’s else.

Write me an email to tailorfairy(at)yahoo.com, leave a comment, or write on facebook or twitter (links are in the sidebar). I am looking forward to your ideas and wishes!

keep sewing and smiling and sending me costume wishes

your TailorFairy 



    • Sounds like a challenge :). You want to do it for a kid of an adult and just like a headband with antlers and ears or a full hat?

      • Very glad to hear you like my blog. I will think about the moose-hat and try some things and get back to you with a tutorial latest next week wednesday or thursday, so you have enough time to finish it before halloween. Does that work for you?

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