Stitchin’ Post


so I will describe another fabric store every monday, starting with the ones I visited last month on my travels. I start with one I liked a lot, even though I do not quilt. I admire the people that do those wonderful quilts, but my talent lies more with clothing… or my pacience… or maybe its more that I have to do the same thing again and again to finish all the single parts you need and I get bored with it 😉 but I love quilting fabrics nonetheless mostly for the great prints. 🙂

So this was actually an idea of people I met on my travels, and I am very thankful for that tip! 

Stitchin’ Post is a sewing, quilting and knitting store in Sisters, Oregon. They also have some very pretty things for your home decoration. It is
actually quite big, look at the picture, sorry I had to put it sideways but if not it would have been quite small 😉 They have a big range of different fabrics and yarn, and if I did not have to pay attention on how much money I spend, I would have bought quite a few fabrics… and of course I also had to watch out for space and weight of my suitcase back home. So if you love quilting and have space and weight  and a little more money to spend  (they are not expensive, I just normally buy fabrics on sale 😉 ) this is the perfect store for you… and even if you dont have those 3 things, but love to sew, go there anyhow and look at those gorgeous fabrics. 

keep sewing and smiling and buying fabrics

your TailorFairy

and dont forget to let me know what costume I should do!



  1. I live in Oregon, and have never had a chance to visit this shop. There’s a big quilt show in Sisters every year and someday I’m going to make the trip. Thanks for the review!

    • Sadly I wasn’t there while the quilt show. Glad I could help though ;). The shop is great, you should visit it sometime.

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