New Sew-a-long: 70s dress


I found this sewing magazine from 76 on a flea market some years ago, sadly some of the pattern sheets are lost, but there is one dress I always really liked. 

I just love those sleeves… and its a cute fabric 😉

But long dresses like this only work in summer… or at least so I feel good in it, so I decided to make a shorter version, and played around a little

Thats the version I will be going for. I going to use the pattern in the mag and change it. With a zipper in the centre back seam

If you would like to do a similar dress is it enough for you just to see me changing the pattern or would you like me changing up a simple dress or long-sleeve pattern into something familiar?

The pattern and cutting will be online next tuesday, so enough time for you to start preparing. I will use 2 differnt fabric and guess I will need 1.5 m of the main fabric and about 0.5m of the other. Besides that I have an 0.6m long invisible zipper. I am normally wearing small to medium sizes, so depending on your size you will need more or less, also depending on how long you want the dress.

New parts every tuesday, so stay tuned and sew a long!

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy


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