flower blouse part 2: how to change the pattern and sewing


so here the next and last steps for the blouse, for those that wished for pattern explanations I have a few pics at the end of the post, I hope its helpful for you;). I finished my new bags for the shops, oh I am so in love! you can get a first look at the cuties at the end of this post.


DSCF3867DSCF3868DSCF3869that is what my sewed and serged parts look like, just so we all are on the same page again 🙂

DSCF3871pin and sew the ends of the tie to the markings

DSCF3872cut the marking in to the seam

DSCF3873and cut the corners of

DSCF3874then turn the right side out

DSCF3875the seam allowance looks like that when you cut it in

DSCF3876pin the sleeves into the armholes, sleeve with right side out into bodice with wrong side out, so the right sides face each other, sew and overedge

DSCF3877starts looking like a blouse 😉

DSCF3878sew the part of the blouse that should be ruffled later with wide stitching

DSCF3879then ruffle to the right length and pin the tie to the neckhole

DSCF3880pin the end of the seam allowance to the marking and all around to the other side

DSCF3881sew it

DSCF3882and use overedging, then fold the seam allowance into the bodice and sew parallel to the seam

DSCF3883cut 2 elastic in the right length for your wrists plus 1 cm seam allowance and sew them into rings

DSCF3884then fold the sleeve hem 2times around on ring and sew it (it took me a while, because the elastic couldnt be stretched enough to fit the original hem width, but it worked fine) do the same with the other sleeve

DSCF3885use overedging for the hem, fold it up and sew


DSCF3907looks like that on the dress form

DSCF4029that what it can look like in another fabric (wearing that one today:))



DSCF4041so if you have a basic patter like that

DSCF4042dont use the waist dart, and if your side-seam is very curved inside at the waist make it more straight, you need to get your waistline big enough so it will fit over the chest, unless you only use elastic fabric

DSCF4043then draw your neckline

DSCF4044then cut from a point at the neckline over the chest into the dart

DSCF4045and add some cm at the neckline which you can ruffle later

DSCF4046do one marking close to the centre front and one similar cm away from the gap to the other side and redraw the line, the back part  can stay the same way, but you need a straight back centre line, so you can cut it in fold;)

DSCF4047for the tie: measure around the half back and half front neckline (without the gap) until the marking close to the centre front, draw a pattern of a box with your measure length and as width you wished width 2times plus seam allowance, then add as much length as you want ending in an arrow

DSCF4048for the sleeves:

DSCF4049cut them in the middle then cut the end into 3 equally big part and spread them up.

Any questions left about the pattern? Please dont hesitate to ask;)


DSCF4050those are my cuties! arent they adorable? I will put them into my shops soon.


keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy


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