Pants part4: button, buttonhole and hem


here are the final steps of the pants.

DSCF3958pin the pants closed at the waistband

DSCF3959place the button (I used an old one, my grandma gave me a box of buttons she collected;) I guess she cut them of the clothes she was throwing away)

DSCF3960then you need a pin right in the middle of your button

DSCF3961then place the button next to that pin and pin another one at the other side

DSCF3962thats where your buttonhole is gonna be. I used tailors chalk to draw it on

DSCF3963now sew a button hole only in the top layer (with your machine or by hand)

DSCF3964cut it carefully open and test if the button really fits through

DSCF3965then close the pants again and mark a point in the end of the buttonhole, thats where you gonna sew the button to the layer below

DSCF3966looks pretty finished

DSCF3967last: the hem, use overedging and fold the hem allowance inside and sew with invisibles stitches by hand, if you pants are more sporty you can also fold the hem allownace twice and sew with straight stitching, I wanted it invisible, because it fitted the look better

DSCF3984trara! I love to wear them, already working on new ones with the same pattern 😉

Are there any questions left? and dont forget to tell me what or who you wanna be at carnival.

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy


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