classic blouse part 3: collar, sleeve slit and cuffs


sorry I kept you waiting. on tuesday I started to have a weird feeling in my belly, so yesterday I went to a number of doctors… to prove what I normally say: docs never help me, thats why I dont like to go to them;) so weird feeling still there, I hope it disappears  soon;). well anyhow: here are finally the next steps of the blouse:

DSCF1829pin the sleeve-seam, and three sides off the cuff, the one where you attach it to the sleeve later remains open, also pin both collar parts onto each other

DSCF1839sew and serge the sleeve seam

DSCF1840sew the cuffs

DSCF1841sew the collar

DSCF1842cut back the  corner

DSCF1843like this

DSCF1844turn the right side out

DSCF1845also cut back the corners at the cuffs

DSCF1846and turn right side out

DSCF1847and iron collar and cuffs

DSCF1849pin the collar stand at the marking to the collar

DSCF1850each part to one side

DSCF1851do the same at the other side

DSCF1852middle markings onto each other

DSCF2138and sew

DSCF2139cut the seam allowance to a few mm

DSCF2140turn right side out

DSCF2141cut in where you had your marking for the sleeve slit

DSCF2142DSCF2143cut 2 strips 3cm wide twice the length of the slit

DSCF2144DSCF2145pin it to the open (stretched) slit, right side facing each other

DSCF2146sew about half a cm to the edge

DSCF2147fold the strip over and inside

DSCF2148and pin again

DSCF2149DSCF2150DSCF2152sew as much in the other stitches as possible

DSCF2154fold it inside and do some stitches in a triangle at the top to keep it in place

DSCF2155fold into the direction of the upper side of the arm, so the down-half of the sleeve lays under the top-half (this is preparation for the cuff attachment and maybe a little confusing now, I’ll explain it more further next week when I show you how to attach the cuffs, then this will make more sense)

I hope this was helpful for you. If there are any questions dont hesitate to ask 😉

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy


      • I’m using a very frustrating, but pretty, slippery polyester–not the best choice! I’ll be sewing on the sleeves today. I hope to be able to wear it this weekend. I didn’t bring many clothes with me when I moved to Istanbul so anything new is a real treat!

      • It is an amazing place! I’m just starting to get used to it after 6 months. One thing I really get a kick out of is the way the very, very old sits comfortably next to the brand new, like the Starbucks down the street right next to an old mosque. This may sound weird but there are sooooo many shops and bazaars that I feel a little repulsed by it all. Maybe I’ll get over that eventually!

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