classic blouse part 4: cuffs to sleeves, collar to neckline, hem and buttons: finish!


so here are the last steps of the blouse, I noticed I forgot to take some pictures, I hope you still can follow the explanations. 😉 I am feeling better and wanted to thank you all for your getting well wishes! DSCF3968pin one layer of the cuff to the right side of the sleeve, at the slit side that is closer to the seam leave  the additional cm stay over and on the other side, fold the strip you sewed to the slit inside and that fold should be right where the cuff seam, I also had 2 small folds already in the pattern at the sleeves

DSCF3969then fold over and sew that additional cm right sides of the cuff facing each other

DSCF3970then fold over and the open edge of the cuff inside and pin from the right side of the cuff

DSCF3972fold the front facing twice over, like you marked, if you are using any stiffer fabric like me, iron it

DSCF3976then fold it once the wrong way and sew from the centre-front marking to the folded edge, the turn right side out again, cut all in to the end of the seam

DSCF3974now pin one side of the collar stand to the neckline, from the centre front to the other, keeping all markings in place


DSCF3979turn around, and fold the open seam allowance on the inside inside and pin from the right side, sew close to the original seam

DSCF3980now pin the sleeves with right side out into the bodice with wrong side out , so the right sides facing each other and sew

DSCF3981looks almost finished

DSCF3982sow fold the centre front facing outside again and sew the facing-width the hem allowance, then turn it inward again

DSCF3987then roll over the rest of the hem twice and pin it

DSCF3988see how I started out of the sewn facing?

DSCF3990sew the hem

DSCF3991now you need your buttons, I used press fasteners

DSCF3992put the blouse on and pin where you breast circumference is the biggest, move around a little testing if the pin stays at you highest chest point, then mark that point for your button, now go up and down with the space in between you want between your buttons, mark at both sides of the centre front, since you need a button and buttonhole together or the two parts of a press fastener like me

DSCF3993DSCF3994do your buttons, I used an eyelet setter, if your using other buttons you need to do buttonholes

DSCF3995I only did one button on each cuff

DSCF3996I like the way it looks 😉

DSCF4020DSCF4021my finished blouse, already wore it quite a bit, I just love the colors of that crazy print.


I  hope that was helpful for you! Any questions as always most welcome! You still have time to wish for any last minute costume-tutorials;)

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy

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