Pattern for Shirtdress


sorry I am one day late with this! I totally forgot it was friday somehow, possibly because I had to work today:)


DSCF1792so I started with my well tested blouse pattern (I used it for this and this)

DSCF4887I copied the top part of the sleeve onto another paper, the length I wanted the sleeve of the dress to be plus hem allowance

DSCF4888I also copied the shoulder part and drew a line at the shoulder markings

DSCF4889then I copied the back-part and added the shoulder part right away too

DSCF4890marked the middle of the shoulder

DSCF4891and connected that to one dart (add seam allowance at the shoulder)

DSCF4892now I cut that line down to the hem, if you have a second dart like me, cut it in as well, and at the waist

DSCF4893then I glued that to the part and you have 2 back parts

DSCF4894DSCF4895DSCF4896now did pretty much the same to the front

DSCF4897the new bodice parts, I used a stretchy fabric, if you dont, you need to add seam allowances at the new seams

DSCF4898next I copied those new bodice parts onto another paper

DSCF4903DSCF4904and drew the seam line longer, as long from the waist down as I wanted the skirt to be and also made it wider towards the hem to give it a nice flared skirt

DSCF4905did the same with the other parts

DSCF4906at the side-seams I also made it wider towards the hem

DSCF4907just at centre front and back it stayed a straight line

DSCF4908I didn’t change the collar and collar stand

I hope this was helpful for you, if there are any questions left please do not hesitate to ask!

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy

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