flower blouse sleeve slit


I finally got to work on my blouse again today and did the slit you wanted a tutorial for. 😉


DSCF4428measure how long your slit is, including the seam allowance

DSCF4429start with 2.5 cm or the width you want that additional part to be, when translated the german word for this slit is rooftop-slit, I guess for the triangle at the top

DSCF4430then make a box with the slit length out of it

DSCF4431add another one to the side in the same size

DSCF4432on one side go 2 cm up

DSCF4433then do the triangle part in a 45° angle

DSCF4434looks like this

DSCF4435add seam allowance all around, but not to down end, because the seam allowance is already in the slit length included

DSCF4436DSCF4437cut it 2 times, mirror images of each other

DSCF4438then copy the main slit form from the pattern

DSCF4439DSCF4440and cut it in thick paper

DSCF4441 DSCF4442 and use that to iron around it, first the 3 sides of the main part, then fold the other over, the corner on the end, and the seam allowance inside DSCF4443pretty much finished

DSCF4444 DSCF4445 first you need to roll the side of the slit closer to the sleeve seam over twice and sew it in place

DSCF4446 DSCF4447 then pin the slit to the other side

DSCF4448 DSCF4449 and sew close to the fold around the top triangle until 2 cm more down and then in a straight line back to the other seam

DSCF4450 when pinning the cuff to the sleeve remember the cuff ends with the slit part and has additional cm at the end where your rolled in twiceDSCF4451 looks like thisDSCF4452my blouse looks like this by now, I need to do hand-stitching at the inside of collar and cuffs and do the buttons 🙂 I’ll show you how it looks when its finished.

For all the blouse steps please look here. If there are any questions left about the slit, do not hesitate to ask. 🙂

By the way: The drawing voting is at a tie in the moment, so if you havent voted yet, please do so here.

keep sewing and smiling

your TailorFairy


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